Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter


The Childrens got up early this morning to go hunt for eggs and their Easter baskets. The excitement is nearly as great as on Christmas, but the imposing sense of dread is quite a bit less. I'm not much of holiday person, so I try to sleep in as much as possible.

It is not at all possible.

Here's a photo from what seemd like 5am, but was actually 8:16 according to the camera timestamp. In it, MaxieC and HannieC inspect the Maxter's Easter basket. He holds a monster truck (Wild Thang), and she has a package of glow-in-the-dark plastic stars. In the foreground are their two egg hunting baskets. One quite full, the other no so much.

MaxieC still stops to eat the candy when he finds each egg. That seems to slow him down a bit.

There's an egg!

MaxieC, hopped up on chocolate bunny and holding his new twisty bunny straw.

Now this gift, from Gramma and Grampa C, was a big hit. It's a plastic dinosaur skeleton broken down into 11 pieces and then encased inside a "rock". It comes with a little hammer and chisel and fake safety glasses, and you excavate the fossils. It kept HannieC busy for about an hour, and then afterwards the entire dinette (in addition to HannieC) was covered in a fine gray powder. MaxieC and I cleaned it up while HannieC hit the showers before church.

Then, it was off to church for the 10:30 easter egg hunt. They had the little kids in one room and the bigger kids in the other. Unfortunately, they didn't mix up the eggs right, and all the "toys" ended up in the little kids room, and all the candy ended up in the other. So MaxieC got a bag full of choking hazzard toys (mostly very small super balls and those sticky, stretchy hands that you throw on stuff and they stick) and little puzzle books that he can't do. It'll go into the closet until he's older.

After lunch, MaxieC, The Mrs., and I all lay down for a nap. HannieC watched her new DVD,
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We got in a good hour, hour and a half nap before MaxieC was up again.

I love naps more than life itself.

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for our dinner guests. The couple from across the street came over. The kids were in full-on crazy mode by then, what with the excitement of all the egg hunts and the giant handfulls of candy they had consumed. Luckily, our guests are used to that. It's kind of a prerequisite of eating here, as at least one of the kids is crazed at all times. Sometimes the dog is, too.

The Mrs. made stuffed mushrooms, one of my favorite appetizers. I stuffed myself with them. Then we had prime rib for dinner. And for dessert, our neighbors brought a chocolate cake shaped like the Easter Bunny. Yummy. I don't have pictures of it cuz I'm not a food blogger. Check with CJ for food pictures.

When the company left, The Mrs. headed off to bed leaving me to do the dishes. We had a lot of big pots and cookie sheets and roasting pans that would not fit in the dishwasher. I know what you're thinking. "What a big wuss, letting his wife go to bed while he stays up doing the dishes." What can I say? She was tired. I wasn't. And I'm one hell of a catch.

Dog poop! Dog Poop!

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