Monday, April 03, 2006

A Momentous Day

Though not so much for me.

In fact, the most interesting thing probably happened first off, when The Mrs. got up and discovered the dog, FreddyC, had barfed. As luck would have it, she had loaned away our carpet cleaner to the neighbors a week ago and never gotten it back. So, at like 7:45 in the morning, she's calling up the neighbors to get the machine back. I'm pouring my coffee. I declare, "It's pouring rain out there." As though any good can come of that.

She runs off in the rain to get the machine. I kinda stand around the kitchen checking if I've made any money off the blog advertisements since yesterday. I haven't. (Still haven't, for that matter. Seem to have hit a wall at $8.44, despite plugging the blog in two (now three) other blogs and two family websites.)

The Mrs. comes back. I start packing up the compooter to go to work. She notices that a piece is missing from the carpet cleaner and she heads back out into the rain. I kind of stand around like I'm waiting for the short school bus.

I'm not really a morning person.

When the Mrs. gets back, she doesn't clean the carpet. Instead, she begins searching out the house for Lysol spray.

Apparently, the dog barf was particularly overpowering this morning.

Shortly thereafter, my eyes are tearing up, and I'm having a hard time breathing. I'm not sure you're supposed to be able to raise the relative humidity in a room 10% by just spraying Lysol. So I do one of those, "Oh! Look at the time!" things and rush off to work. I was a bit late to work, but no one cares most days.

You may note the slightly new look to the website today. I managed to move the google search from the lower right up to the top, where it fits in better. I did this cuz CJ's Blah site had figured out how to do it, so I felt behind the times. Hell of a funny site, that Blah. At least, I presume it will be. Right now, it just says "posting #1 test. editing...". Way to hit the ground running, old chap!

Me, CherkyB, and The Mrs. finally finished with Donnie Darko. It took us 7 sittings to watch the moovie twice and then listen to the director's narration. I did learn, right at the end of the narration, that the lady that plays the Donnie's big sister was also the secretary in Secretary. That was one hell of a moovie, but it's been a while since I've seen it, and I didn't make the connection.

Well, it's getting late. I better hit the sack, or I won't make it through tomorrow. I have 7.5 hours straight of meetings, at all of which my presence is integral to the functioning of the company.

Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

I needed the lysol because Sharice emptied the clean water but left us with week-old vomit water, which I emptied. Talk about eyes-watering.


Who or what is Sharice? Why would she (he, it) keep the vomit water for a week? You Californians are really weird. Tonites word is ltipggx.