Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Very Exciting Day

Today was a very exciting day. A banner day. One of those days that you could look back on a day or two later and say, "Golly, I wish today was as good as Wednesday instead of sucking so much." Why was it so great? Well, both my new saw and my new pellet trap arrived. And on top of that I made $6.02 off people clicking on the advertisements above (5) and doing google searches in the search box above and then clicking on paid links in the google search results (5). Strangely, the search clicks are worth about 3x the ad clicks. I haven't figured out the formula.

After dinner, I opened up the pellet trap. It was very strangely packed. It was stuffed into a Castrol GTX box with a bunch of packing material. The box was slightly too small, so the top closed lumpily. This is not what I expect from a major mail-order retail outlet, but perhaps that's why they're cheaper than dirt.

Little HannieC got all excited about the pellet trap. The Mrs. gave HannieC a big gun safety lecture whilst I set it up carefully in the garage, on a stool and with an OSB board for a backdrop. Then I set another stool about 15' in front to use as a shooting bench (it's a big pellet gun for such a small girl). I got some shooting glasses for HannieC and myself, and I taped a MidwayUSA target to the front of the trap.

Interestingly, HannieC insisted I put numbers on the rings for "points" prior to her shooting. I didn't know why.

After a brief hands-on safety lesson, HannieC let rip her first shot from the old pellet gun. She hit the paper, at least.

She was allowed only 5 shots because it was late and she still had much schoolwork to do. She got 4 of them on the paper, though one dinged into the backstop. Pellets are much safer than BBs in this respect, as it crumpled and fell to the floor harmlessly. Afterwards, she made me add up all her points. Then, her skills as a woman kicked in.

She demanded I pay her a penny a point.

I tried to explain that this was fun, and that she doesn't get paid for having fun. She gets paid for doing stuff she would not normally so, like digging rocks out of the garden or dusting or vacuuming. She was having nothing of it. No, it was a penny a point, and I had better pay up.

The woman runs deep in this one.

I finally ignored her long enough for her to lose interest, and she went inside to do schoolwork. That's pretty much what I've learned in life about dealing with women.

Later, HannieC decided to do her SarahK impression. So we took a couple portfolio shots.

Here is Miss HannieC in the first shot. Here she is pretending to be happy because she just earned 9 cents shooting at a target. She insisted her babydoll, AnnieC, be in the all the shots as well.

In this next photo, she's doing more of a casual, just returned from the hunt kind of thing. Or, perhaps it's a Lara Croft. Not really sure.

I still haven't opened my saw. Maybe this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Putting the disturbing nature of these photos aside, notice that her finger isn't on the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell them why you needed a new saw?

CherkyB said...

Of course. The whole story is in "Garden of Death".

Anonymous said...

never listen to parenting advice from someone who buys their kids cigarettes and offers them pot!