Saturday, April 22, 2006

What a Beeeeeauuteeful Day

I may even get to mow the lawn today. This morning, I'm standing around in the kitchen while The Mrs. sleeps in, MaxieC plays in the food fort, and HannieC watches Caillou on TV. Despite it being on the Sprout network (formerly known as PBS Kids), I don't think it's appropriate for childrens. It's not violent or scary or filled with bad language. But I feel it glorifies being a French Canadian. In particular, it seems to be teaching our childrens that it's OK to be a French Canadian as long as you don't speak French. As if just eliminating the French part makes everything fine.

That's the problem with PBS. It's permeated with the socialist agenda from top to bottom.

I'm watching through the kitchen window a couple sparrows building a nest in the gutter of my porch roof. A couple sparrows have built a nest in that very spot every year since we put up the porch roof. I think it must be the same ones, because there literally 30 identical spots in the roof, and the sparrows always pick the same one at that end, and a different couple (finches, I think, though I haven't seen them yet this year) builds in one of the other 29, always the same other one.

Every winter, the nest clogs up the gutter, and I'm out there trying to fish it out with a pliers and a garden hose as soon as it start raining and the gutter starts overflowing. It's a strage design, this gutter, as it is an aluminum panel roof. The gutter is actually a piece of sheetmetal that has been bent into a very complicated kind of J-shape that does triple duty as the support beam, gutter, and front fascia. You can't actualy see into the gutter because the roof panels and fascia overlap it. But since the roof is V-corrugated, you can get your hand into the gutter in 30 different places, roughly a 6" span every foot. This is where the birds like to nest.

Oh hey, look at that. A finch is building a nest 4 holes to the left of the sparrows. That's new.

Uh oh. Toddler poop. Gotta go.

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