Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dream Another Dream

This dream is over.

Well, it lasted slightly over a day at least.

This morning, The Mrs. asked me to look in my wallet to see if our San Jose Parks parking pass was in there. It wasn't, as The Mrs. is in charge of that. But I emptied everything out just to make sure. Then, as I was putting it back, I noted how my wallet was falling apart. Which it is.

The Mrs. says, "That's right. You asked for a new wallet for something. Your birthday?"

I said, "Father's Day."

She said, "Ohhhhh. Riiiight. I asked for something for Mother's Day, too. But I didn't get it."

Then, she refused to tell me what it was. This is exactly the kind of thing that demotivates husbands world-wide. Next year, no balloon for you.


ellie said...

a pedicure? i just bought a banana republic leather wallet on ebay for 19.95.

ellie said...

or a book--it may have been a book.