Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Have Fear

I was having a little IM conversation today with CJ of CJ's Blah (who looks much older in person than he does in his glamor photo on his website), and he was being his usual pesty self, trying to twist my arm to move out to his neck of the woods, where the air is so thin that you can hardly even see it in the winter. I asked him if he knew my biggest fear of moving out there. He had many guesses, but all were wrong. They involved things like job security, not liking the place and wanting to move again, having the in-laws move in. These were all good guess, but all wrong. After almost 12 hours of guessing, I finally let him in on the answer:

My biggest fear is that my wife and I will be sooo happy that my blog will start to suck as bad as yours.
Deep down inside, I'm not a very nice person. But, you know, even the rumor that been going around of me moving there has affected my ability to provide consistently funny content here. I'm just not angry enough.

It's been a few days since God last spoke to me. I believe he's moved on to other more important issues. He did, however, tell me to stop referring to StinkyJ as the antichrist. Something about not shooting the messenger. To tell you the truth, God tends to ramble on a bit, and I have a hard time concentrating through it all, so I'm not 100% sure of the details. Just something about StinkyJ not being the antichrist and yadda yadda yadda.

Fat camp this week got off to an inauspicious start. No one would go biking, being that all my friends are moody little bastards. The excuses weren't even creative this week. Reruns, all of them. So we decided to just go drinking. I showed up at 9:30, the agreed upon time. The next person who shows in TommyO at 10:15. Then Spanky at 10:25. Sheesh. I was on my third drink by the time these idiots got there.

I think the Fat Camp phenomenon is winding to a close. I'm preparing to bug out, it would seem, and interest from the others is mild. Perhaps I can re-establish fat camp with a more dedicated crowd elsewhere. Perhaps not.

Yesterday, HannieC came into the bathroom where I was giving MaxieC his bath. She had with her a temporary tatoo decal of Frankenstein, and she wanted it applied. OK HannieC, where do you want it?

"On my neck."

She's clearly been spending too much time hanging out at jail.

FreddieC turned 8 today. The Mrs. and The Childrens got him a beef knuckle.

Today was another day of home improvements. I took the old truck and The Childrens off to the dirt place to buy fir mulch. We weer mulching the dirt berms in the backyard as we had done to the flower beds in the front yard last week. I calculated that we would need 2.7 cu yds of mulch, but we needed slightly less than 2.5. The truck can hold only 1 cu yd at a time given the size of the bed (the "quad cab" seating really eats into the bed length), so that was 3 trips and about $100.

We're now almost $600 into this "fixing it up" craze with no end in sight. The Mrs. had our painter over yesterday to quote painting the kitchen cabinets white and a bunch of other stuff. It's gonna be over 2 grand for all that. Nothing, though, will touch when she decided we needed a new front yard. That was more like $16k.

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Wife said...

There's an end in sight - we just need some gorilla hair and the painting. Then the PODS and elbow grease. You're the one who wants to build the fancy deck for to the sump pump.

The faucets look great. What a difference.