Saturday, June 17, 2006

Now wait just a darn second here

I had a brief moment a few minutes ago where The Mrs. was getting ready to take The Childrens to a birthday party, and I was watching them watch TV. I spent most of the day so far loading junk up into the truck and taking it to the dump and then scraping out old, discolored caulking from around the tub.

Anyways, while I'm watching The Childrens watch TV, I check on the status of various things, like if I have any email or I've made any money from people clicking on my advertisements and stuff like that. I note that I have email from my blog. It emails me the comments when people post them, since I don't routinely go digging through old posts to see if anyone left a new comment.

Anyways, it's email from good olde JohnnyB. Ah, a new reader. How happy. I can always use new readers. Immediately, I click over to my statcounter account and note that someone from Sunnyvale has spent 4 hours 29 minutes and 32 seconds on the site this morning, starting at 7:50:07am.

My goodness, someone got up awfully early to read the old blog.

Then, I note an even more intersting thing. At 12:06pm, this same Sunnyvale user has started to hit the site via a referral link rather than a direct hit. The referral site? The JohnnyB.

How about that. Out for its maiden voyage today. In keeping with tradition, I'm giving a big plug to The JohnnyB, just as I did to CJ's Blah, and Spankolio. If all my millions of experienced blog readers would just take a moment to check out the initila post and provide feedback to JohnnyB in the comments section, I'm sure he'd be very appreciative of the guidance.

The first post isn't all that bad for a first post. You remember my first post pretty much blew chunks. I even had to go back and edit out a name, cuz I don't like talking smack about people behind their backs (or, you know, in case the person ever stumbles across the blog via word of mouth or something and decides to beat me for it). Odd coincidence, that. And it took about 120 posts before CJ hit just the right combination of beer and anger for perfection. Spanky, well, he's still working on finding the sweet spot.

Then, I figure I'd poke around in JohnnyB's personal profile to see what pithy lies he has to say about himself. Now, this is where things went south. What is this location: "North San Schmose"? And what is this occupation "Gruntled Design / Debug Engineer"? Methinks this sounds awfully familiar.

I'm gonna say this one time. I know you think you're going to replace me as the funny one once I leave, but you don't get to use my material. You need to get your own material, Frenchie.

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What is he- a wannabe CherkyB? I don't think you have to worry Brian, as NOBODY can write a blog like you can. After all, nobody else has HannieC and MaxieC and the Mrs. for inspiration. smbimhr