Saturday, August 05, 2006

I was Happier Today

Not all that bad a day, really. I think it's because I kept busy. MaxieC decided to get up at an ungodly hour this morning, so I had to get up with him. The Mrs. and I used to take turns getting up early with MaxieC, but at some point she simply stopped getting up. We had made a deal that we would take turns, and further, that she would get up the day after Fat Camp if it was one of those Fat Camps that starts at 9:30pm and runs late.

But she just stopped doing it.

At first, she would just moan and beg for "another 15 minutes," but lately it has gotten brazen. First, she moves into the exact center of the bed such that MaxieC, who she keeps between us, is pressed up against me. Then she starts sighing loudly. Then she starts announcing in a voice much too loud to be meant for only MaxieC to hear, "It's much too early to get up. Go play with Daddy."

MaxieC then delivers the customary skull-to-skull head butt and pokes his fingers into my eyes to wake me up. Then he giggles. And then I get up.

The Mrs. is very clearly unilaterally terminating our deal. But that's OK, since I stopped paying her credit card bills a while ago.

Another day of lasts: I mowed the lawn here for the last time. I noticed how much devil grass had sprung up in the front, despite me having killed it all off with roundup multiple times and had 8 weeks of nothing but dirt before having the new lawn put in last year. I pulled it all out, but I didn't get that sense of winning a battle and losing a war that I usually get. I didn't care. I just didn't want the lawn to look like it was full of the devil.

I also trimmed a couple trees. One was touching my roof, and the home inspector put in his report to trim it. The other had a couple branches that were growing downwards, and they had gotten within five feet or terra firma, and they banged me in the head when I tried to mow the lawn.

While I was working in the back, a white Jaguar came by cruising very slowly with two guys in it looking intently at the house. I had just come through the gate to the front, but they didn't see me. I ran to the back door and told The Mrs. to look out front to see if they were stopping by without an appointment. She said, "I saw that car yesterday." Hmmm...

Well, they didn't stop, so I went back out front. When I got there, they had turned around and were coming back up the street and were right in front of the house at almost, but not quite, a standstill. The minute they saw me, the hit the gas and drove to the corner, where they hesitated. Then they turned right.

A little while later, I was still working in the front yard, and I saw the car come cruising slowly back past my street.

A little while later, an Asian woman came by in a Camry and did almost the same thing. Except when she saw me, she tried to execute a three-point turn in front of the house. As you can imagine, the pressure of this was too much for her, and she had to do a 5-point turn, with point number four being in our driveway. MaxieC was out playing on the swing, and he got all excited thinking we were having company, and he started out to the driveway to say, "Hi." I stopped him, but by then the lady was a complete, flustered wreck.

The Mrs. called our realtor for an unrelated question, then asked if they he anything about the white Jaguar. He told her that there was a lot of activity going on regarding our house in the last day, and a few people had even asked for the disclosure paperwork.

About an hour later, we were up a Big Dogs (which is two block to the left) having lunch outside, and the Jaguar came by again.

I have never gotten the disclosure paperwork on a house and not made an offer on it afterwards. If it's true that we have multiple people getting the paperwork, I think that's a very good sign.

I packed up my beloved grill and drove it over to AndyP's house. He will enjoy it and use it a lot. It will have a good home. Which will I miss more, AndyP or the grill? Might still see AndyP one more time if we do Fat Camp this coming Thursday.

Pretty sure I'll never see my grill again.

Drained the fluids from my lawn equipment tonight. Dumped the rest of my gas can into the truck's tank. Haven't got a firm plan for the 2-cycle gas yet. The guy across the street has a chainsaw - maybe he'll want it.

I wonder how many days I have to be a Colorado resident before I can get my CCW.

I just packed up the liquor. It took two boxes, small-size designation on the U-Haul scale. I left out 5 bottles that each had less than 3 drinks in them. Those, I will consume or dump. If I were a betting man, I know which side I'd put my money on.

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Did u call the poo-lice on the jag? Sad to leave all yer friends behind. How long of a driver do you have and will Freddy enjoy it? vfqjsjoq