Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Steps Forward

One step back.

The closing papers for the FC house arrived today in the morning. We signed the all off for an hour from 11:30-12:30 and overnighted them back with a cashiers check. That should lead to an on-time close. Joy.

The packing up of the house got completed today right on schedule. They even packed up the liquor. Joy.

The buyer of our SC house apparently did not read the disclosures fully before signing them and failed to make note of something that he is not happy with. Now he is reconsidering the deal. He can do this as he has a 4-day contingency clause. His people have told my people they will have a decision tomorrow morning. Sadness.

Naturally, I will spend all night lying in bed being upset over the sadness and not happy about the joy.

The Mrs. went out with the girls tonight. I had to put MaxieC and HannieC to bed. It was complicated by the fact that the beds are now just matresses on the floor with sleeping bags and pillows. MaxieC does not lke to go to bed without Mommy, and he screamed about it for 1.5hours. He insisted she was home because he could see her minivan parked in front of the house. They had carpooled, and a neighbor was driving.

HannieC sucked it up and went to bed with less fuss than expected. She can sometimes be a really good kid.

Dennise got the guy who packed my nightstand to find my glasses. Joy.

I had a going-away happy hour today with pretty much the rest of the folks I'll never see again. At one point, The JohnnyB and I ended up sitting there saying, "Yup," since there was not much conversation. Everyone is worried about the layoffs that are rumored to be announced Tuesday.

The layoffs are not rumored. The announcement being on Tuesday is.

Tuesday will be my first full day at work in FC.

Oh, The Mrs. is home. FreddyC is barking like an idiot.

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