Saturday, December 02, 2006

HannieC, Demagogue

On Wednesday, I was looking for a DVD to load up for The Childrens in the basement TV room, and I saw that we had Elf. This is what next transpired:
Me, CherkyB: Hey, we've got Elf. Did you get it from the library?

HannieC: Yeah. It's a great movie, except it has this Democrat elf who sneaks into Santa's bag when Santa visits, and Santa takes him to the North Pole and makes him an elf and raises him.

Me, CherkyB: How do you know he's a Democrat?

HannieC: Well, there's this time when he goes to a big city and he eats bird poop! He thinks bird poop is candy! That's just so stupid. It's like he's being really Democratty Democrat. That's what Democrats do.
How about that.


ellie said...

aren't your parents democrats?

Poop Advocate (Republican) said...

What kind of movies do yer kids watch anyway - a guy who eats bird poop?

wife said...

It turned out to be ABC gum. We first watched it on the little tv so couldn't tell.


Who is the demagogue- Hannie or the chicken?

Anonymous said...

My god your daughter is brilliant!