Saturday, January 13, 2007

Is today the Big Day?


I'm hoping to get down to Loverlyland today to talk to the fellows at the yard equipment store to see if they can secure me a snoblower attachment for my yard tractor. I recently discovered that the store is also a dealer for my brand of tractor, so I'm hoping they know what the right combination of equipment is. The only thing is that I dunno yet if they are open on Saturdays. Most places are, so I've been assuming they will be, but you never know.

The Mrs. however, may not want me to go out. It's only 1 degree out, and she is fearful of the cold.

We shall see.


Manly Lesbian said...

Good Luck!

Nava said...

And - - - ?

Nava said...

Hey, check out this free tractor snow thower Ad I bumped into.

CherkyB said...

Did you bump into the ad on my blog? I see it up there.

Nava said...

I hope the Ad is doing well.