Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Everyone's Favorite Post

Rhonda asked an intriguing question in the comments section of the last post.
Do any of us bloggers out here get to vote on the favorite post?
The answer is certainly. Here, I'll go first.

There are just so damned many good posts, it's really hard to pick a favorite. Especially since I only read through the first two months and had boatloads of candidates. But, since I am paid primarily to be decisive in the face of ambiguity, I will put my stake in the ground and vote for "A Made-Up Holiday." Wow, this post, which chronicles Mother's Day 2006, has everything. From breakfast in bed to a rattlesnake encounter. Keystone Ice to Fuzzy Navels. It is just a fabulous, side-splittingly hilarious post, and 100% certified true.

Some of my favorite passages:
  • "If The Mrs. wants nice flowers on Mother's Day, she should consider convincing her childrens to get higher-paying jobs. After all, she's not my mother."
  • "Then, for whatever reason, HannieC said something about Momma being funny. I said, 'Momma isn't funny. I can't even imagine what Momma being funny would be like.'"
  • "The Mrs. is sound asleep. Like completely, totally sound asleep. Too bad for her. If you wanted a nice Mother's Day, you shouldn't have had kids."
  • "This is also the main reason I try to avoid doing anything whatsoever for holidays. No matter what I do, it is an opportunity for martyrdom. So why knock myself out?"
And, of course, the endless stream of momma knock-knock jokes still cracks me up.

I also think that to get the full enjoyment of "A Made-Up Holiday" you need to read "Happy Father's Day" immediately afterwards.


Rhonda said...

ok I'll be the first.
My all time absolute favorite is from Tuesday November 28, 2006 -
I've Got Nothing
followed by
MaxieC, Wise Guy.
These two tales embody the all American family yet there's this masterful undertone that only CherkyB's family could experience.

Truly funny.

CherkyB said...

Of course there is. However, The Mrs. gets very suspicious if I give my email to other women. There are, in fact, only two women in the entire world who are not relatives of mine and have my email.

Nava said...

I vote for "The World from MaxieC's Perspective".

But then again, I admit I haven't read all of your posts.

CherkyB said...

MaxieC, Wise Guy" is a great post. Very succinct and funny as hell.

It's interesting that I've Got Nothing makes the list. I really had nothing when I started writing that post, but the last sentence is simply pure genius.

The most interesting thing so far is that between you and NavieA-B, two of the three posts are primarily MaxieC's creations. Maybe it's time for MaxieC to start a blog.

Rhonda said...

MaxieC should have a big bucks in his college fund.
He'll probably go straight to publishing.

Nava said...

Well, you do have a "Children Blogs" Ad on this post.

Anonymous said...

One of my personal favorites was the one with Hannah's photos and her artistic interpretations.