Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Always Triumphs Over Evil

Depending on what the meaning of "always" is.

As you all know, we moved to our fancy-schmancy digs in Fort TomCollins back in August. One of the great joys of this house is its three-car garage and its 10+ foot high ceiling. It's a great place to pile junk.

But, it's also deep enough and tall enough that you can actually open the rear hatch of the minivan when it is parked in the garage even with the garage door closed. Neither of my previous two houses had this capability. So, when I park the minivan in the garage, I pull it forward enough for the hatch to clear the door when the hatch is opened. This has the added benefit of allowing the bicycles, wagons, tricycles, scooters, and bike trailers that are parked to the right of the van enough clearance to be able to be removed without opening the non-electric-lift door to the right.

However, The Mrs. has always hated on me for this. She complains like a Womyn's Studies major asked to provide some evidence that 70% of college women are raped during their 4 years of undergraduate. No, The Mrs. requires maximum clearance not behind the van, but in front, such that she has at least six feet of space between the front of the minivan and the refrigerator. I have never understood why, if one can open the refrigerator completely, one needs an additional 3 feet of clearance beyond that, but it involves something called, "Not feeeeeeling crowded."

So, The Mrs. has become an expert in pulling the minivan in just far enough to be able to shut the garage door behind it. I have quite begrudgingly adopted a similar habit, as if I do not there is more bitching than you'd get if you invited Code Pink over for a veal barbecuing, BB gun shooting, bikini-clad hot tub party.

Now, just a couple days ago I came home from work. I parked in the driveway, as I have 2-cars worth of crap piled in the 3-car garage. Suddenly, as if by magic, the minivan garage door opened. HannahC met me there. As I was walking in, I noticed how far forward the minivan was parked. I remarked to HannahC, "Hey, did you go for a bike ride today?" Then I looked over at where the bike trailer is stored, and I noticed it was connected to The Mrs.'s bike.

Ha! The minute it actually becomes her job to figure out how to get stuff out of the garage with the van blocking the door, suddenly we don't need so much space to get in the refrigerator anymore. Ha ha! All week it has been the same. The minivan is parked forward where I used to put it to great chastisement.

CherkyB reigns triumphant.


Nava said...

Wow - that's a big garage!
If I park my Beetle (Beetle! I am not even talking a mini van or The JohnnyB's Corolla!!) a bit too much to the side or too close to the door, I get an endless lecture from The JohnnyB that he cannot get to the shelf/workbench/beer.

CherkyB said...

Maybe The JohnnyB should consider a diet.

Nava said...

Give the man a break!
he has just quit smoking!

CherkyB said...

You're the one complaining about how fat he is, not me.