Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HannahC, Rancher

Our darling HannahC did her first livestock transaction today. I must admit, I was shocked by it.

As I may have mentioned earlier, we've been raising crickets. It started as just one, but then there were two. Then, more and more. This morning, we were up to nine. A few have passed on during that time, including I believe the first two, which are the only two that had names. Crickets live about 8 weeks total, and I have no idea how old these guys are when we find them. Mostly we find them in the garage.

Well, HannahC was quite broken up when the first couple died, but came to understand how with such a short life cycle, she should expect regular deaths. Almost too understanding. S ee, she was at the Discovery Science Center a week or so ago, and they had a bearded dragon who likes to eat crickets. Reportedly, she got talking to the lady there, and they got talking about crickets, and how HannahC liked to catch them in the garage and feed them until they got big and fat, and how commercial feeder crickets are too expensive for the Discovery Science Center to afford on a regular basis.

That night HannahC discussed with me her grand plans:
HannahC: "I think I want to feed my crickets to the bearded dragon."

Me, CherkyB: "Won't you be sad to see your crickets eaten?"

HannahC: "Well, they're just going to die anyways, so they might as well serve some purpose in life."
Fast forward to this morning, and HannahC had a class called "junkbots", where they make robots out of junk, at the Discovery Center. She and The Mrs. packed up seven of the nine crickets (two were deemed too small). Then, we immediately found another little cricket in the garage, so the remaining collection is back up to three. I dropped HannahC and her crickets off in the morning, and apparently they fed six of the seven crickets to the bearded dragon after class, and then one to the frog. No tears were shed.

As a reward, the Discovery Science Center bequeathed upon HannahC a wonderful prize.

Introducing JackieC and EthelC.

JackieC is the gray and white one EthelC is the solid white one. They were born in February and, along with their litter mates, created a surplus of rats at the center.

The Mrs. is now discussing how to improve the cricket habitat so that they begin breeding. That way, HannahC can become a more reliable supplier of food for the lizard. I asked if there was some way to get paid in terms of membership discounts instead of getting paid in rats.

I was roundly chastised.


Manly Lesbian said...

Hmmm Jackie and Ethel - sounds like a bunch of Kennedy's to me - didn't Ethel have a shit load of kids? I am looking forward to your house being overrun by rats when somebody forgets to close up the cage. tzzaz

ellie said...

that's a cool swing for the rats. when they die in a couple weeks she can sell it on ebay, another transaction!

ellie said...

i had to post again because this is the word verification:


Rhonda said...

What a sweet sacrifice.

being paid in rats is good for a one time transaction but twice?
Even free soda at the concession sounds good.

woddywoody said...

Have the rats started to stink yet?

fat inlaw said...

Your darling daughter HannahC just informed me that even though the rats are both girl rats, Jacky is spelled with a Y and NOT IE! Whoops - I retract - she changed her mind and said OK on the IE