Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I don't know what it is

with you people.

I give you two masterpieces, the first about how wonderful it is to be a man in America, and the second about how wonderful it is to be a young boy in America, and there is a complete boycott of my advertisers. Not a single click for days. Yet I give you throw-away pap about the garden and how The Mrs. always plants faster than I am allowed to hook up the water, and the advertising revenue goes through the roof.

As an update in the continuing saga, Bozzetto reported to me that he had researched it, and had decided that theoretically, if he were to buy a gun, it would be a CZ P01. He even found a local dealer for it. This was all purely theoretical, however, as he's still afraid of his wife. (His wife happens to be a regular reader of Me, CherkyB, though she never leaves a comment.)

I spent some time today trying to figure out why he was afraid of his wife. I said things like, "What can she do?" and "Why do you care what she thinks?" but he remained unpersuaded. Much in the same way I remained unpersuaded when my old bud Larry used to tell me to just go buy a motorcycle.

The difference here, though, is that I am 50% confident I would actually kill or seriously injure myself within 1 year of buying a motorcycle owing to my lack of good judgment under pressure, so I'm not sure I'd necessarily buy one even if I were single. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

I'll put a stake in the ground here and say that Bozzetto will join the ranks of proper Americans within six months. All he really needs to do is to get his in-laws to babysit and take his wife to the range to shoot a little .22. Womens love guns in a way that is almost dirty once they get their hands on them.

I went out last night to take pictures of the garden. They didn't turn out so well owing to the fact that other than the full moon, it was dark. They turned out better than I expected, but not well enough to post. I'll try to get some photos tomorrow during daylight hours. It's quite a little project, what with The Mrs. having laid the whole thing out on graph paper and then marked off all the individual planting areas with wooden stakes.

The bunnies are simply going to love it.

HannahC tells me I should play a game with her because The Mrs. is too busy. I suppose she is correct.


ellie said...

it's not you, it's koi pond filtration. who cares?

manly lesbian said...

Well..some things are not interesting to some peoples. Koi pond filtration could be very important to the Cherks. Now lets talk about sauerkraut......kflfiag

Rhonda said...

I have not totally boycotted your advertisements...I was wondering why you had Domestic Abuse ads though...

I'm completely amazed at the two of you!
I dare say you should write articles for a garden magazine at least you'd be paid properly. :)

cj's wife. said...

:) hehe.