Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A day like any other day

Except more filled with suckage. I spent half the day carefully crafting two foils to share with one of our major customers tomorrow. "Carefully crafting" means, as far as I can tell, deleting useful information and adding ambiguity such that we cannot possibly be held legally responsible for any difference between what I say now and what we might actually end up with once we actually finish the damned product months from now.

And it means a lot of conversations with marketing and sales guys ahead of time to make sure we're all crystal clear about the level of ambiguity of the message.

This whole "being the technical guy we bring to the discussion for credibility" thing is quite new to me. Normally, I'm the guy they try to keep away from the customers so that a more stately person can lend credibility. But we seem to be fresh out of stately. Plus, I'm the only guy who knows how to answer their questions. Ha ha! Though I need to work on my ambiguity skills.

Over the past couple weeks, hits to my inground trampoline design page are through the roof. Predictably, the snowblower hits are trailing off. According to Google Analytics, the snowblower guys are better ad clickers than the trampoline guys. I think I may need to actually finish my trampoline project post. Plus, I've figured out how to make it a lot easier, so I should probably re-write half the thing.

My guide to carpet cleaners never gets a hit. Probably not enough promo. I think I need to figure out some new early fall project to write up. Otherwise, revenue will taper off towards the end of summer. Maybe a guide to leaf composting or something.

I'll wait for The Mrs. to tell me what I absolutely must do in September.

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