Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Well, I don't know what it is

I believe I am experiencing something they call, "losing my religion". I am slowly becoming convinced that the technology that it is my job to deliver, that in fact I have been told my career depends upon delivering, is not particularly likely to work in an impressive fashion. But I've also pretty much given up on any hopes of a "career" beyond what I've already accomplished, so I'm remarkably at peace with that. I am, in fact, finding it remarkably easy to take the side of what is best for The Company even though that is at odds with what is best for me.

CherkyB, altruist.

At least I'm going to get a big tax refund. I don't know why. The tax situation has still not stabilized after the move to Colorado. Last year had a whole mess of one-time relocation compensation, and this year that was all gone, but I managed to rack up a bunch of capital losses due to sales of stock of The Company that I got 7 years ago. I dunno WTF. At least I avoided AMT.

I do plan to take my refund and buy three things:
  1. A 12-channel amp to drive the speakers I have in many of the rooms in the house, plus some kind of hard-drive-based media center on which I can store our 400 CDs worth of music.
  2. A collapsible table saw. Probably a Bosch 4100-09. I wrecked my Craftsman table saw shortly before moving, but it was a crappy table saw. Having owned one for a while, I now have higher standards. Plus, I know I need to have one that folds up during the 362 days a year when I am not using it,
  3. Smith and Wesson 686+. Just in case Obama gets his way.
I'll probably have a lot left over. I probably won't Spitzer it.


ellie said...

there's always the kids' college fund. and taking granny out to dinner.

CherkyB said...

Why are you always up so late at night?

ellie said...

I'm in this routine where I fall asleep at like 8 or 8:30, wake up at midnight for an hour or 2, then go back to sleep. Not the most efficient routine, but I do get a lot done in that time I'm up.

Crazy-eyed Mustafa said...

My ass smells like a ceramic frog.

fat moother said...

I got my refund back just in time to pay my property taxes - oh well

RIO said...

I just want you to know that the targeted ad on your page when I arrived was "The Hand Dryer Guide to Hand Dryers."

What is the MATTER with you.

blogauthor said...

We got a freakishly large tax return this year too .... still haven't figured out why but I'm gonna spend it real fast before George Bush figures it out.