Saturday, June 07, 2008

I am lazy

Thus, tonight I will resort to photoblogging. The worst of all possible blogging forms. Perhaps I should have started drinking earlier...

Today, we went to Sam's Club. We filled two shopping carts. As I was unloading the winivan, for some reason this scene made me think of Blogauthor.

And then, of course, I learned how hard the life of a stay-at-home mom is.

Do you drink Scotch or vodka with that?

TomTom customer support sent me a file to downgrade my firmware back to the previous working version. That has restored my GPS to its normal level of uselessness, as opposed to its especially-complete uselessness. To celebrate, today I had it navigate me to the koi store.

Koi stores are not "points of interest" that make the cut for a GPS map, as it turns out. So I said, "well, I know the intersection". But, as it turns out, I only knew the main portion of the street names. I didn't know, for instance, that it was "S Timberline" and "E Lincoln". I only knew it was Timberline and Lincoln. It turns out not to be able to figure out that if you put in "Timberline" that you might be interested in "Timberline," "N Timberline," and "S Timberline". So you end up pretty focacciad when you find that Timberline and Lincoln do not cross anywhere.

And, once again, I am reminded about just how much better the Alpine-based system in the wife's winivan is, as it never sweats the compass direction details. Those in-car systems cost like $3000, but they really are 10x better.


Nava said...

Wow, and those pomegranate bonbons are even kosher!

blogauthor said...


And here I thought it was going to be a tribute to my hilarious trip to sam's club post about 2 years ago.

Rhonda said...

photoblogging is the best form of blogging.
you're wrong.

love the grill.
could you put veggies on please?