Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Survey

We here at Me, CherkyB like to keep our fingers on the pulse of our readership to make sure that we're delivering the quality entertainment demanded by the one or two readers who ever actually "pay" for the content. As such, we occasionally poll our readers on a variety of subjects.

Tonight is one such night. Purely hypothetically:

What would you do if you saw someone throwing out a Diet Dr. Pepper inflatable punching bag?
I'd say to myself, "Self, that'd make a nice present for my grandson. Too bad it's broken."
I'd get thirsty for a Diet Dr. Pepper.
Rescue it, cuz my son-in-law simply loves to find and patch endless holes in inflatable punching bags.
I'd be reminded of my first "girlfriend", who met a surprisingly similar fate.
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wife said...

How come I've already voted? This poll is rigged.

ellie said...

Must have broken en route.

Manly Lesbian said...

Was not broken when I put it in the box............... I deflated it myself........Sat in my office for a few days and did not lose any air............

CherkyB said...

One must consider the possibility that this is not, in fact, a punching bag but is merely an inflatable promotional item.