Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 8 of 9, From Bad to Worse

HannieC's hamster died this evening. RIP Angibelle.


Anonymous said...

that didn't take long. squeezing does not promote longevity. I also learned this lesson. Try a rat--they're more durable.

Nava said...

Good thing this eventful vacation of yours ends tomorrow.

I noticed you've left room for "worst".
We are all keeping our fingers crossed (star-of-Davidized in my case) that it's left unused.

Although, things seem to start osmosing through your blog.
I have a sore throat now.
Sharing the pain, Eh?


Fat Moother will be leaving tomorrow so maybe things can get back to the semi-normal state of life that the CherkyB's have.


Had a nice burial service this afternoon, Angibelle has a pretty flowered covered casket (kleenex box), and her remains are under a tree covered with a layer of mulch. It was a sad time for all.

CJ said...

very sorry to hear about Angibelle. :(

Steph said...

A short life for Miss Angibelle. RIP.

What's next on the pet list?

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to your family.
I can relate to what you're going through...I can think of 3 funerals at our house quite a few years back.
TJ the Hamster, Issabel the Gerbil and Abagail the Parakeet.
Alot of tears by all.
Little wood crosses in the very back of our yard.
It didn't end there though after a couple years "someone" accidentally mowed over 1 of the crosses. There was some drama until a new one was in place.