Saturday, October 28, 2006

And the painting is done

Still some cleanup to do. Couldn't pick up the drop cloths and all until the dribbles had dried.

The log furniture we had ordered got delivered on Wednesday night. It's sitting in the garage cuz I wasn't done painting.

The furniture guy hurt his back. So he wasn't able to deliver the stuff. Instead, he sent his wife. She showed up with a trailer in which our furniture was loaded. She parked at the bottom of the driveway and said, "I'm not too good a backer-upper." Thus, we needed to carry the furniture into the garage.

Everything was going fine until we got to the headboard for the bed. This thing is made out of enough logs to be a complete pine tree. It was heavy! I picked up one end on my shoulder, and she lifted up the other. As I walked down the ramp and started up the driveway, I hear from behind me the lady say, "You alright there? You got it?"

How humiliating. I made it into the garage without a rest, though. So there.

Our new campus will have a gym. I imagine I'll have to go to it lest some other blonde woman cast aspersions on my furniture-moving ability in the future.

I have a lot to say today, but none of it is particularly nice, so I'm going to photoblog instead. I dug through both the cellphone and digital camera photo logs to see what we've all been missing.

Here's a rainbow from a month ago taken with my cellphone from the company parking lot. Yes, the same one I got hit-and-runned in. If the wind is right, you can smell Greeley real well from here.

MaxieC and I snuck out a couple weeks ago for cheeseburgers at MickeyD's on the way back from the pond store. Shhhh...don't tell The Mrs.

We've already had our first two snowfalls. Neither has had snow that lasted more than ~24 hours on the ground. Here are a bunch of photos from the first snowfall of the year. I think these first two are pretty cool since you can see the big giant snowflakes falling in the photos. It's almost cartoon-like.

HannieC and I built a snowman that night. I rolled the snowballs, and she helped by running inside every 30seconds to get something. At one point, she came out with a snow cone cone left over from her birthday, and then insisted I fill it with real snow. That's how lazy she is. She couldn't fill the snow cone herself. Clearly, I'm some kind of enabler, since her mother is the same way. MaxieC was afraid of the cold, so he stayed inside and only came out for the photo-op. He's a regular John Kerry.

The next morning, the snow was still there, though it didn't make it too far into the afternoon.

I zipped off to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up a couple sleds for The Childrens. In the parking lot there, I fell flat on my butt on the way back to the truck. It was glare ice.

MaxieC learned that if he wore his jacket and hoodie thing, he wouldn't get cold. So he came out and had a good time, too.

And he also learned that he loved the snowman. The Snowman's name was John Freezy.



Good Pics as usual! Log furniture looks extremely heavy. I can hardly wait to sleep in that brown and green room. Wake me up in about 3 days. lfmfs

Nava said...

I keep going back to MaxieC's picture,
He just has the most amazing eyes!

CherkyB said...

He has a special relationship with cheeseburgers.

Nava said... with bowls of Halloween candy.