Sunday, March 19, 2017

Traitor Joe's

I gotta tell you folks, I was pretty happy to be rid of Trader Joe's when we left San Schmose for Ft. TomCollins eleven years ago. But as more and more radical lefties moved into town, the clambering for a Trader Joe's got to be too much, and the f'ers built one.


I don't understand the the draw. I get that it is almost entirely virtue signaling, like a Whole Foods, or driving a Prius, or pretending that you actually think Hillary would have been anything other than an incompetent yet remarkably corrupt president, but really...why?

What can actually be accomplished by shopping at a Trader Joe's? You can't really make a meal from the food there, as they have sort of a random collection of bizarre things that only loosely resemble food. Or, perhaps, are derived from food, but some chef had a fever dream of making an all new flavor by taking perfectly good food and adding something no one else would ever imagine to it. Voila! Crap that upper middle class white womens can prattle on about, but that is an absolute abomination to those who view food as something you'd want to eat rather than just posture about. 

Why, just yesterday MaxieC was watching The Mrs. attempt to stir the Trader Joe's peanut butter into something resembling a spreadable food item - a task that took about ten minutes, as the sign of a "really good peanut butter" is how much it separates in the jar - when this little conversation took place:
MaxieC: "What is that?"
The Mrs.: "Peanut butter."
MaxieC: "Why doesn't it look like peanut butter?"
The Mrs.: "Because it has flax seeds and other good stuff in it."
 Flax seeds...and other...good...stuff.