Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Cop Out

As many of my longtime readers know, not all of my posts are Pulitzer Prize quality. I can usually tell ahead of time. You folks, however, head into each post with great anticipation, hoping for yet another masterpiece. Today, alas, you will be disappointed. Today, you get "misc." The easiest way to do misc. is to look at what pictures are in the camera, and then talk about them. So here it goes.

The Childrens are beginning to get almost as excited as The Mrs. about Halloween. I dunno what it is with The Mrs., but she gets extraordinarily excited about holidays. Particularly Valentine's Day, but hey, who wouldn't if she were married to me? HannieC's going to be a vampire, and MaxieC's going to be a space ranger.

HannieC thinks that once we hollow out our pumpkin, we should put MaxieC inside it, and he can jump up and yell, "Boo!" whenever trick-or-treaters come to the porch. Here they are sizing up the plan.

Remember how I said that I got to use the headlights when mowing the lawn last week? The Mrs. was so exited about that, she ran out and took a bunch of pictures. Here is my favorite of the bunch. The others are very blurry cuz The Mrs. doesn't know how to turn the knob on the top to the picture of a guy running in order to take pictures of stuff that is moving. I've told her many times, but learning escapes.

Here's the new minivan in the garage. It fits quite nicely.

MaxieC would like to interject something here:

FreddyC's favorite drinking hole is at the bottom of the secret waterfall.

I got my Agri-Fab fertilizer spreader trailer via UPS this week. HannieC and I put it together. It holds 125lbs. of fertilizer. I note that the big bags of fertilizer at The Home Depot are 42lbs., and I need three of them, and that makes 126lbs. Close enough.

HannieC was actually quite helpful during the assembly. We set all the parts out in little piles, and I read the directions and sent her to fetch the parts. She got to learn what a cotter pin was and a spacer sleeve and a wing nut. And she got to use the ratchet to tighten all the nuts.

HannieC doing her Price is Right hand flip. She's never seen The Price is Right. It shows in the quality of her hand flip.

Tomorrow, we will get to tow it around to put down the winterizer fertilizer. We may also be muck-vac'ing the ponds, as I picked up a muck-vac today.

I finished painting the walls in the guest room. The Mrs. likes the new brown much better than the old. The old was called "Clydesdale", and it looked like diarrhea, as we've covered. The new one is called "Amore Della Prigione", and it looks similar only a bit more reddish. I still have all the trim to paint, which will take many evenings.

For those of you wondering, the fambilies back in Barfalo are all doing well. Many are without power, but it is slowly getting restored to more and more. The Sister has been unable to blog due to the storm taking out her power, but she has found an effective way to keep warm in the meantime. Her blog is likely done, as she didn't change the name soon enough to survive. I usually leave blogs on the blogroll for about 30 days past the last post before removing them in order to make sure they're really dead.

I wanna thank all my readers who have patronized my blog sponsors. It only took a little over 5900 page impressions, but my first ad revenue check should be sent out on the last business day of November. It'll pay for the muck-vac.

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