Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Disturbing image found on web

What in the hell is this?
1. I don't know, but I thought the camera was only supposed to add 20 lbs.
2. On Thursdays, it's your turn in the barrel.
3. I can't see it cuz I'm blind! I'm blind!
4. Something that should really be kept private between JackyB and his wife.
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Find the answer at the Blog of the Week, Thoughts in the USA. Of all the blogs I link to, Nava is turning out to have the gift for blog. I had hopes for Ellie323 which were immediately dashed upon the rocks. I never expected much from CJ or JackyB, and they have performed to expectations.

[Update: In response to assertions of copyrights over the image previously posted above, I have removed my derivative work (which involved cropping and re-lighting the original image), and instead have embedded a link to the original work. Thus, what you are seeing is the original photograph directly from the source, and not a derivative copy of it. Also, when you click on this image, it now takes you directly to the complete, original story rather than to just a larger version of the same image. The above image is excerpted from a larger work and is in compliance with the Fair Use Doctrine that allows excerpts for parody purposes and also excerpts that have a fortuitous result.]



Already read the blog - I never met those peoples but the blog is funny! cwabl

Nava said...

Oooooooooooooh, you're in trouble now!!!...

Two comments:
1. Hey - I have copy rights on the image (and on the subject of the image).


Anonymous said...

So - is this a parody or fortuitous? I think you meant it as a parody, but it's ending up being fortuitious!

Parody, since you're complaining about my butt.

Fortuitous, since my butt is now prominently displayed on 2 blogs.

Fortuitous, as people see my butt, but think of you.

Fortuitous, since my butt is now copyrighted content.

Fortuitous, as my butt has never gotten so much airtime.

And fortuitous, since if you reply to this comment, you'll be talking about my butt some more!

That's right - it's all about my butt.

Nava said...

Good slam, JohnnyB!
As for you musing "my butt has never gotten so much airtime" - - - well, I have to sadly disagree with that...

Mexican, anyone?

CherkyB said...

JackyB, the next George Michael. "Feel the power of my butt."

The power of your butt is propelling multiple blogs into record pageview territory. It doesn't seem to bring in any additional ad revenue, though. If anything, it brings in less.

Anonymous said...

BTW - your template or something is hosed, and your side bar is at the bottom of the page.

Unless you got feedback from your advertizers that they didn't want to be on the same screen as my butt...

CherkyB said...

Interesting - it rendered fine in Firefox, but rendered wrong in IE. It was a problem with the code I used to display the polls. It was declaring a width that was wider than the post box, and overlapped the geometry of the sidebar. Firefox will render the two on top of each other and look fine, since the overlap was just blank space. IE will not.