Thursday, October 05, 2006

Heading out to Fat Camp

FC MHE tonight. Looks like it might be a pretty bad showing. CJ is afraid to ask his wife for permission to go tonight, as he's only allowed to ask for permission for one thing a week, and this week he already asked permission to get a haircut. El Torito, being an old man, is claiming to be "tired" from "work". I think he just might be afraid to go to FC MHE without CJ.

I think MoodyT is in. Haven't heard from Rico, but he and MoodyT usually carpool, so if MoodyT shows up, I'm sure Rico will be there.

For my part, I gave up and let The Mrs. win. I moved the two boxes and the wagon out of the way and parked her van in the garage. I told her this, and she replied with a completely blank stare. No thank you. No it's about time. Nothing. Silence. Then she told me to get M&M's for The Childrens. That is the general form of communication I received nowadays.


branko said...

your content specific advertising is now all about hamsters.

That's gotta be a serious imnpediment to your blog's revenue stream ...

wife said...

Three Lankans.