Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I think I might have torn something

Last week, as we were heading home from FC MHE after gorging ourselves on peanuts at Lucky Joe's, one of the guys grabs one of those magazines that they always have at bar entrances off a rack and hands it to me. It is the 10 year anniversary issue of Modern Drunkard Magazine. I managed to tear myself away from surfing the web long enough to read some of it yesterday.

Well, OK, actually I had to do a #2, and I got tired of reading Ann Coulter in the toiley.

I was impressed with the sheer genius of the writing. So much so, that I visited their website this afternoon after returning early from lunch.

While reading this, I had to stop literally four times in order to catch my breath from laughing. I'm still hurting.

I may need to go to the gym more often. Laughing my ass off shouldn't be the most exercise I ever get.

Yet it is.

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