Friday, November 23, 2007

And the winner is...

...The Mrs.!

We had expected to be alone this Thanksgiving weekend, on account of how none of our friends or relatives like us or something. But, yesterday at dinner time, our good friend Big D dropped by. OK, so maybe one unexpected guest.

Well, this evening as we were decorating the tree, another of our old friends popped in to see The Mrs. I was in the living room hanging ornaments when I heard the commotion in the kitchen. The Mrs. was talking to Ralphie.

Later, she described the meeting thusly:
"I stuffed like four of the pickles in my mouth at once. Then the vinegar went down the wrong pipe, and I had a problem."
Curse you, pickle and olive platter.


ellie said...

i wanna puke. why is this barf blogging and not poop blogging? wait. don't answer that.

Manly Lesbian said...

What's a holiday without puke or diahrrhea?

CherkyB said...

Or both?

RIO said...

I've had dills hold up my fambly at gunpoint. It's not funny! We were in such a pickle!