Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'd like you all to pay close attention

However, I have nothing today that warrants it. If you concentrate enough, you probably won't notice.

HannahC is sick. This is problematic, as it means The Mrs. has an excuse to stay cooped up in the house all day, which in turn means that MaxieC has an excuse to be especially crazy. And there's a long weekend coming up for which I have stockpiled only 4 beers. Plus, I'm pretty much out of Captain Morgan and Bushmills.

Friday, we will all have to head for Greeley, which smells, and cut down a Christmas tree. Last year, we had Granny Moo Moo with us, but this we we are alone. That means we can take the pickup and just throw the tree in the back instead of having to tie it down to the roof rack. Oh joy of joys. And likely no one will throw up.

I always am irked by the day after Thanksgiving. The Mrs. desperately needs to turn it into an all-day Christmas affair, including cutting a tree, setting it up, trimming it, getting out all the holiday decorations from the storage room/shed and putting them up, and decorating the outside trees. I, on the other hand, am usually pretty tired from all the eating the day before, and I mostly want to nap.

Only one of us ever wins.

And it has never been me.

I spend most of the day being accused of being "Bah Humbug". But I'm not. I'm just tired. And I don't see why Christmas has to arrive 100% completely the day after Thanksgiving. Don't we have a few weeks to prepare for it?

The answer is, apparently, "No."


Rhonda said...

I'm with the Mrs. 100%!
The following weekends are for shopping and napping and watching Christmas movies.
You can do it! I have faith in you!

RIO said...

You know, the tree trip might pass without stomach upset if you played 97 Crap Songs But 4 Good Ones by Rio.

wife said...

I'm all done shopping.

Nap? Me? Yeah, right.

CherkyB said...

I only have 1 of the songs, and I don't think I can listen to Mr. Brightside for 40 minutes.

wife said...

We might get the tree on Saturday if it's snowing on Friday.

I was going to take MaxieC swimming today, but the pool heater was broken.

ellie said...

I'm all about napping. I always have to resist all temptations to shop that day. . .

Manly Lesbian said...

Hey - you have to get the tree on Black Friday - it is a tradition. Make sure you don't shoot yer eye out kid.