Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Mrs. is Sick

And I don't mean that in a good way.

The Mrs. has some kind of nasty bug that makes her lie around all day and complain about being sick. MaxieC is also a little sick. HannahC was sick a couple days ago, but got better. If you were to walk through our house now, you would be struck at how many surfaces have been turned into makeshift beds due so that in nearly any room, someone can plop down and take a nap at a moment's notice.

I'm keeping mostly up with the kitchen, though. I have this small obsession where I can't eat anything cooked in an unkempt kitchen. Or, perhaps more accurately, I can't eat anything that came from a kitchen that is currently unkempt. So, for instance, if I get home from work, and The Mrs. puts dinner on the table, I won't be able to eat until I empty the breakfast dishes out of the dishwasher and load in the lunch dishes, then give the counter a quick wipe-down.

She complains to no end about this, but I think she secretly likes if she doesn't have to clean the kitchen.

I'm hungry. The Childrens and The Mrs. have eaten dinner, but I haven't. One of the problem with various forms of sickness is that everyone orders a different meal. MaxieC is on the BRAT diet on account of this kind of thing going on for a couple days. The Mrs. will only eat soup and rice. HannahC and I are both eating normally, except she was over at a friend's for a birthday party tonight and ate there. So, in the end, I never got to the point where I was able to make myself anything yet.

I'm hoping this Hazed and Infused tides me over. HannahC brought it to me when she heard me say to MaxieC, "Yes, I'll get you a water. I live to servitude you." The she volunteered to wash the dishes that are piled up in the bar which were interfering with the quiet enjoyment of my life.


Fat Moother said...

Man - you people are always sick. Jeez

Nava said...

Wow, you're almost Monk with the unkempt kitchen obsession. Or like The JohnnyB.

And HannahC is truly sweet!

ellie said...

i have the same problem with the kitchen; only it happens in the morning. i can't leave the house unless it is spotless. you guys are sick a lot. maybe kids just get sick a lot.

Fat Moother said...

I had kids - they sure were not as sick as often as the Cherkys.

ellie said...

we were sick a lot. or at least i pretended i was so i could stay home.

blogauthor said...

You would starve here. I am satisfied when I can see the floor and if there are only 5 days of dishes piled up in the sink.

I hope y'all feel better soon ... that sounds miserable.