Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning

A photoblog.

Here is the fambly room. You may note the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the TV. You may also note that the room is devoid of inhabitants, as no one in the fambly actually likes to watch the parade. But The Mrs. always requires it to be on. I turned on the gas fireplace as it's only 16 degrees outside, and one wall of this room is glass.

Ahh, good. The pond heaters are working.

Cinnamon buns for breakfast.

Someone may have gotten tired of waiting for cinnamon buns and started the morning with a Screw Yu.

The Mrs. and HannahC decide to do crafts. Something they call "paper quilling" but that I call "twiddling."


Fat Moother said...

Looks like fun - wish I was there!

RIO said...

happy turkey tryptophan day, cherkyB famblies!

ellie said...

did you get to nap? oh wait, that's what you want to do tomorrow.

Rhonda said...

We have the same tradition at our house, the parade is on but no-one really watches...
I like to see Snoopy though.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all-a bit late but still happy.

Rhonda said...

Ok I have to ask...
Did you do the wall treatment that the fireplace is on?
It's looks really nice.

it looks like HannahC is feeling better.

CherkyB said...

The wall was like that. We haven't really painted anything except the guest room. It's a suede paint on that wall. A lot of our walls are suede paint. MaxieC has learned he can scrape his fingernails along the walls and leave white streaks.

Everything in our house needs to get repainted. We're waiting for the kids to go to college.