Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I have very little to say

But given the overall level of excitement in your lives, I expect you'll hang on every word.

First, let me start out by saying that I was wrong. Not only was I wrong, but The Mrs. was also wrong. It's remarkably rare that both those things occur simultaneously, as having been together for so many year, we have settled into taking polar opposite positions on pretty much everything simply by default. She is the counterpoint to my point, though neither one of us relies heavily on the "you ignorant slut" catchphrase that accompanies a classical point-counterpoint exchange. In fact, we mulled over calling her blog "Counterpoint" for a while, with a theme that mostly gave her side of whatever I blogged about, but ultimately she settled on something else.

What were we wrong about? The Mrs. checked the blog archives for her birthday last year and discovered that I had baked her a cake last year. So I was wrong in my assertion that I bought an ice cream cake for her every year, and she was wrong in her assertion that she had to bake a cake for herself every year.

Of course, her level of incorrectness was greater, in that she has not had to bake herself a cake in either of the last two years - the only two years for which there is any extant documentation. Thus, she has no evidence of her assertion, whereas I was merely was wrong about the type of cake I provided. So, despite us both being wrong, I was much less wrong than she. Therefore, I am clearly the winner.

On a lighter note, on Monday Rico noted how his shack-up-honey always stole all his decent hangers for her clothes and left him with crappy wire ones as well. So perhaps this is simply part of the evil-woman gene and not something unique to The Mrs.

The pressure of Valentine's Day is weighing down upon me. I don't know whether to cancel Fat Camp or not. I said I was going to cancel it, but then there was strenuous objection from peoples. But I doubt these folks can pull off a fat camp without me. (Witness last week, where I had been out of town, and nobody at all bothered to show up because like a big bunch of dumb-asses, they can't understand the idea of something that happens every week at exactly the same time and place and instead insist on getting personal invitations every single Thursday. Man, my friends are morons.)

There have been some questions in the comments on some previous posts about what happened to Diversity Corner and what happened to only blogging about happy things. By a bizarre coincidence, both these questions have the same answer: f^ck you.

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Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for dinner!