Thursday, July 06, 2006

And it all comes apart in the end

Finally, 10 days after the ordering of it (vs. a 48 hour requirement), the relocation people got their second estimate of my house's value, and it was more than 5% different from the first. It was 7.1% different. Apparently, that now means they have to order a third assessment, which means we may miss our expected open house next Saturday, and we may not be listed when we're out of town in Fort Collins looking for a house on the 17th-22nd.

I am still trying to figure out what exactly this relocation specialty agency does for me other than cause me worry and delay. I have found exactly zero value-added thus far, and substantial value-subtracted. But i have to deal with them if I want my closing costs to be paid by The Company.

A couple days ago, when we were cleaning the carpets because we thought the relo agency was going toa allow us to sell our house, the stupid carpet cleaner hose broken again in the place I had repaired it. Having had enough of it, being the third break in the same spot, we went out and got a brand new one. We figured that our Hoover had lasted quite a bit longer than the Bissell, so we got another Hoover. It's fancy-pants. The Hoover SteamVac All Terrain, which is the SUV of carpet cleaners. It's quite a fun little toy. It eliminates the problem area of the previous model by not having the hose under stress all the time, and it also mixes the soap and water on-the-fly. Because of that, it can do this thing they call "auto-rinse" which means it dispenses soap and water when going forward and just water when going backward.

The Mrs., however, loves it most for its clear plastic extraction tank. It's the first one we've had where you can see the dirty water it sucked out of the carpet in the tank.

Also, the sprinkler system that I so carefully fixed in May sprang a leak again in exactly the same place. This time worse than the first time.

As luck would have it, the sprinkler head next to it also started leaking pretty badly. Then, on Tuesday when I was mowing the lawn, I mowed off the popup of the one next to that. So, out of 8 sprinklers in the front yard, i managed to have 3 of them down at the same time. The mowed-off one was easy to fix with a screw-in spray head from Home Depot for $2.99, but the other two require digging and underground investigation. The landscaper is coming tomorrow (or so he told me when I talked to him about a ahlf-hour ago) to fix them. He was supposed to come this past Monday but did not show. He said he was sorry, but ave no excuse.

Bottom line, I apparently stink at fixing stuff.

But, I guess it could be worse. I could be The JohnnyB and need 18 months and $20,000 to paint my living room.

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