Thursday, July 13, 2006

I have nothing to say

I used up all my best material posting wise-ass comments on The JohnnyB. Not that it's going to stop me, given that I had record high pageloads again Wednesday. Not record high ad revenue, mind you, but record high pageloads. 58 of them. Seems someones who work at the same company as I do decided to go back and read all the old posts during the course of the day. But, since I collect no personally-identifiable information, and there are about 6000 people with the same internet address there, that's the best I can do.

Since it's late, I'm going to make this quick. I got two complaints from StinkyJ today that I need to publicly address. The first complaint is that I have made casual reference to Mexican babies twice in the past week without crediting him as the originator of the slur. Now, StinkyJ is 38 years old, and I've met a lot of Mexican people (particularly given that I live in San Schmose) who were older than 38. So, using my God-given powers of deductive reasoning, I'm going to say that there were Mexican babies prior to StinkyJ even being born. Further, if memory serves, there was this little thing called "The Mexican-American War" that went from 1846 until 1848. Again, using those same deductive reasoning gifts, I would say that there had to have been Mexican babies at least as far back as 1846, probably a bit sooner given the fight that the Mexicans put up in the war. Babies - not so good at war.

So, giving credit where credit is due, StinkyJ invented the term "Mexican baby" just two weeks ago. I should have made note of that when I said it.

The second complaint I got from StinkyJ was that not enough of my posts revolved around him lately, as was reported to him by BrainkyP, since he himself stopped reading quite some time ago. This is an odd complaint. One that gave me pause. My entire world revolves around me, but apparently I have somehow given the impression that my blog revolves around StinkyJ.

So I gets to thinking. "Self, why is it that StinkyJ is worried that I don't have enough posts revolving around him? Hmmm... What could it be... Oh, yes. Perhaps it is that StinkyJ's wife used to read the blog a lot in order to get a feel for what StinkyJ was like away from the home. Could it be that he has felt himself a minor celebrity due to publicity at Me, CherkyB? And now, when his wife reads the blog, she only hears about me, CherkyB?"

How about that. Perhaps I should put up a link to, but I keep getting a 404 error when I try to go there. If I can't find it, how can his wife? His blog, I mean.

Then, since we're on complaints, BrainkyP today complained that his father would like me to refer to BrainkyP's son as a "Peruvian-Serbian baby," not a "Mexican baby." Well yes, I did use the term "Mexican baby" twice, but never in reference to BrainkyP's child. Perhaps he should take up this complaint with StinkyJ, the originator of the phrase and owner of all licensing rights, and not with Me, CherkyB.

And since when did BrainkyP's father start reading this? Answer: he didn't. So the complaint as directed towards Me, CherkyB, is fabricated completely by BrainkyP. Now, I can't say that given that BrainkyP is still my boss for another 4 days.

Finally, to wrap up the complaint in-box,a complaint from Me, CherkyB. BrainkyP, you name is BrainkyP, not BrankyP. It has never been BrankyP. It has always been BrainkyP. Just cuz The JohnnyB spelled it wrong on his blog doesn't mean the spelling has suddenly changed. You start spelling your name right, or I'm going to start deleting your comments.

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