Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Inimitable HannieC

The Mrs. has had her new minivan for not quite 5 days now, and HannieC has just managed to wreck the DVD player. Interestingly enough, in the exact same manner she managed to wreck the one we had at home about two months ago - by trying to load in a DVD, seeing that it didn't want to take it (cuz it was already full), and then just pushing really really hard until it went in.

HannieC isn't allowed to touch DVD players.

But she does anyways.

[Update: Two hours later, when The Mrs. returned with The Childrens, I got the extra disc out using two putty knives as pliers. The DVD player is working fine, and it doesn't look like I scratched the disc, either. Yup. I'm The Man.]


D of C&D said...

Well, The Childrens education is always expensive any way you look at it.

Ellie Mae Clampett said...

I thought that girl was smart? Or have you been lying to us?

wife said...

Poor Hannie. I yelled at her all the way to the packing store so we could sell the used boxes. Then I was over it. We got $2.95 for today's load. The lady at the store and her husband, owners of the store, moved from San Jose in May. Interestingly, we bought a few boxes from their Kooser/Camden store and probably sold them back here.