Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fat Camp?

CJ thought it would be a great idea to port the Fat Camp concept from San Schmose out to Fort Collins. In keeping with official Company naming conventions, the Fort Collins Fat Camp would be called FCFC.

However, that sounds stupid.

In keeping with Fort Collins tradition, the stupider the better, so probably it would be called FC-squared, or 2FC, and then everybody would giggle and nudge-nudge-wink-wink and then not show up. But I've only been here a month, and my brain still remembers what it was like to have a full complement of oxygen, so to me it all sounds very stupid.

Now, as dearly as we all love CJ, his organizational skills are somewhat lacking. What started out as Fat Camp with The Depressives somehow almost immediately morphed into swinging by Old Chicago after work for a beer during happy hour. It was even being referred to as "Happy Hour at Old Chicago", and big spam email to practically the whole company was being readied.

See, for some reason, I had thought that since the only things CJ had known about Fat Camp he had read here, he was somehow clear on the concept. But I'm learning a lot more about CJ and clarity.

I bumped into El Torito towards the end of the day today (which is not difficult to do given that he is diagonally across the corridor from me, and thus all I have to do is turn my head a little to the right to look right at him), and asked him if he was in for Fat Camp on Thursday. He said, "What?"

CJ told you about it, right?


So I explained the concept of Fat Camp to him. He liked it. Said we should go to Old Town (which is what the locals call the old section of town down by the college where all the bars are). Then he said something quite funny:

"As long as we don't just end up at happy hour at Old Chicago. Everything always ends up like that, and it sucks."

I haven't checked with MoustachioP as to whether he has heard of the gathering and whether he can be counted on. MoustachioP is an interesting fellow, as he has a similar outlook on life to my own. I worry about his level of commitment, though. He seems to be quite a Family Man, which is problematic for Fat Camping. I'll have to chase him down tomorrow, which will involve crossing over to the other side of the building where they house the Delicate Geniuses (tm).

Without all three of those guys (CJ, El Torito, and MoustachioP), it's really not Fat Camp with The Depressives.

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