Wednesday, September 13, 2006

There's a Fire, There's a Fire

There's a fire in the middle of my oven.

I was able to order home warranty service today. Took them ~1 day to get me into the system. A day they charged me for but for which they did not provide service. I'd say they were cheating me there if, in fact, I weren't cheating them by having a bunch of stuff that was broken prior to the warranty fixed. They cheat me out of $1.51 worth of days of coverage, and I get a new range igniter and a fixed microwave for a total of $55 out of the deal. The guy had to order parts for both of them, so neither is fixed yet. But soon!

We're toying with getting the dryer fixed as well, or maybe just getting a new washer/dryer set. The ones we have now are 9 years old, and those fancy front-loading, high efficiency washers are awfully spiffy looking. I figure, I get The Mrs. one of those, and it'll be to her what the lawn tractor was to me. She'll spend all her time thinking of excuses to wash clothes.

So, the appliance repair guy told The Mrs. to run the cooktop's BBQ burner through the self-clean cycle in our oven. It was all nasty and caked with burned-on grease, and this is also what clogged the igniter. The manual does actually say to run it through the oven on self-clean to clean it, so this wasn't just some wacky idea the guy came up with. I put it in there a little while ago. Then I went off to do some stuff, and when I came back, it was flaming. Not gigantic flames, but little 4-6 inchers. I went to get The Mrs. to show her (and explain why the kitchen was getting a little smokey), but they burned out before we got back.

I've been sitting here at the kitchen counter watching it for about 20 minutes now. No more flames.

Tomorrow looks like it'll be the first Rocky Mountain Front Range Fat Camp. I learned from TommyO that he and Spanky are still having fat camp occasionally, so perhaps there will be overlapping fat camps. The one here is starting out small, but larger than the California edition started. We have three confirmed attendees: CJ, El Toro, and Me, CherkyB. We'll be out at The Crown Pub, which is the nearest FC equivalent to The Duke, excepting of course that one of the reviewers said they had good service, and no one would ever say that about The Duke.

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That house is cursed. How did the previous owners function with all that broken stuff? nbxyw