Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yet another dimension of fun

Just when you think you can't get any happier...

This Sunday, day of rest, I tried out a new theory. That theory was that if'n I drank beer and smoked a cigar while mowing the lawn, it would be both inherently more fun, and it would keep The Childrens from interfering. So I snuck a stooge out with me when I went to the garage to fire up the tractor.

I still have to sneak stooges around, as The Mrs. always makes a big show out of coughing and disapproving if she gets wind of it ahead of time. I don't have to sneak the beer. To make the experience complete, and because it was sunny, I wore my NRA baseball cap that I got for donating money to their Institute for Legislative Action.

Now, this was slightly problematic. I normally wear my shooting ear muff hearing protection, as can be seen here. But, oddly, you can't wear shooting ear muffs and an NRA baseball cap at the same time. Not without it feeling ridiculous, at least. So I dug out my last pair of free SC9 test floor ear plugs (OSHA approved for working in noisy environment), and stuck those in my ears. This caused no end of disapproval from HannieC and The Mrs., as they couldn't see the ear plugs and had decided that I had thrown caution to the wind and had decided to wreck my lungs, liver, and ears all at once. When I finished mowing, HannieC came running over to yell at me, but I couldn't really hear her cuz of the ear plugs. I gotta get me some more of those. If you happen to swing by the test floor, maybe you can inter-office mail me a few. It's probably a better use of the internal mail system than sending poptarts.

Even if we do have poptarts here for only 40 cents a two-pack.

I gotta tell you, I'm pretty sure that mowing the lawn on your lawn tractor whilst drinking beer and stooging is one of the Great Joys in life. Theoretically, maybe not quite at the level of sitting in a hot tub with a bunch of naked lesbians, but certainly quite close. And without all the frustration.


emma fskjj said...

Sounds good in theory

wife said...

Who sent you poptarts? Better than an ice cream sandwich. Were those at UofR?

Thanks for the anniversary present. My favorite feature so far is the "go home" button on the nav. system.

clicketyclack said...

Yeah - Happy Anniversary- May you have many more years of wedded bliss!

CherkyB said...

Like, in addition to the one we've already had? That's a lot to ask.

ellie said...

you have fantasies about sitting in hot tub with muliple grannys? gross!