Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Alive!

Blog of the week Thoughts in the USA has come roaring back from a three month hiatus. The husband and wife team of JohnnyB and Nava are following in the footsteps of all those other great husband and wife bloggers like, umm, uhh, Glenn and Helen Reynolds and, uhhh, mmm. Well, anyways, Nava is taking a novel approach to blogging compared to the other folks on the blogroll. Yes, she follows the time-tested winning strategy of mentioning me in most of her posts (a sure-fire way to get named blog of the week), but she's also added the twist of taking shots at JohnnyB.

That seems to be a move out of my playbook. Speaking of which, have you notice how JohnnyB has started referring to himself in his blog comments as "The JohnnyB"? It's like he's confused the name of his blog with his own name. That's be like me referring to myself as Me, CherkyB. What a maroon, huh?

So, anyways, go head on over to Thoughts in the USA and check it out. Nava, being an artistic type, doesn't have her statcounter meter installed, so she'll never know you were even there. Maybe The JohnnyB could help her with that. Hmmm...Ellie doesn't have her statcounter meter installed, either. Maybe it's just a woman thing. I don't pretend to understand those woman things. Like why you'd ruin perfectly good tequila with triple sec and lime juice. Or what the deal is with Gran Marnier that makes women more, oh, shall we say, loving.

Last night was another addition of FC MHE. Not bad attendance at 4. Last week was a record at seven. I didn't even know two of the guys, though. Normally, I'd look to FC MHE for material for the Something not to Do series, but there was nothing. Try as we might, we couldn't get Hamburgler to hit on any of the womens he was oogling, and The Merman seemed to want to reminisce about drunken escapades years past in Costa Rica. MoodyT tried to start a little controversy between Me, CherkyB and the Merman by noting how I talked smack about futbol, and I tried to oblige by noting that it was a sport for girls in short pants and bobby-socks, but The Merman wasn't biting. This despite him being a damned foreigner with the requisite great love for this bizarre children's' game that comes hand in hand with that affliction.

CJ couldn't make it because he came last week, and his wife won't let him out to FC MHE two weeks in a row. I'd make more fun of that, except his wife will let him out to two things on the same week occasionally (like last week when he had sushi night and FC MHE), and my wife won't let me do that. Coincidentally, he's already cancelled for next week because he's going out Friday to something called "Game Night" where everyone takes their laptop compooters over to one guy's house and they play networked video games against each other all night.

I think this may be a case of the altitude inflicting permanent alteration on the mind. Yes, your brain can survive in this oxygen-deprived state indefinitely, but it has to cut back on some superfluous functionality.

Like good taste.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Grand Marnier. One of the three great pieces of advice from CherkyB.

Nava said...

Wow, I am speechless with honor - to have my humble blog being mentioned on THE CherkyB?
Ah, glory just doesn't get better than that!

How can I ever thank you?
Ah, I know - no more butt pictures of The JohnnyB. I promise.

Nava said...

Hey, how come you are still referring to the O&O as "The JohnnyB"?
You made him take of the "The" in his comments, and you are using it yourself?
Who's a maroon now? (and I still don't understand this usage of a color name in that context...).