Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Something not to Do

In my continuing quest to improve the quality of my readership, here is my first installment of a recurring segment I'm calling "Something not to Do".

Don't try to pick up a hamster by its face. If you feel like you really want to pick up a hamster by its face, just stop and say to yourself, "Self, this is Something not to Do."

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So.. how many bite marks do you have? pbhblie

CherkyB said...

HannieC got a nice bite right at the tip of her index finger. It bled quite a bit, which freaked her out. She screamed about how she hated hamsters for about 10 minutes, then we had to hold her down to keep her from playing with the hamster for a while.

bertha fartsmeller said...

Oh No- first she gets bit by Birdie then a hamster. That kid will be warped for life.