Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Something not to Do 2

Today's installment of Something not to Do is a little career tip. Let's say you find yourself at work, walking down the hallway, when you bump into the lead technologist for your project and a lady who works for your boss coming the other way. Then, let's say the conversation goes something like this:

Lead Technologist: "Did you get yourself some new pants?"
Lady Coworker: "What was wrong with his pants?"
Lead Technologist: "They had holes in the knees."
Self: "Most of my pants have holes in the knees."
Lead Technologist: "Someone must be pretty happy."

At this point, you may be thinking of saying, "You mean your momma wasn't always this happy?"

That is Something not to Do.

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The JohnnyB said...

Love the new "Stuff not to do" bits - they're CherkyB at his best. It's like Darwin crossed with Seinfeld, but actually funny!

josephine culpepper said...