Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Didja See?

I upgraded to a "new" template last night. This now gives me the fancy hierarchical blog archive that categorizes posts by year and month. It also gives me the fancy "labels" functionality that lets me categorize posts by topic.

The jury is still out as to whether it was worth the effort.

I'm kinda sleepy and uninspired tonight, so I'm not going to try to bang out a masterpiece. You'll have to just go back and re-read last night's classic post about why it is that it's The Mrs.'s job to buy me coffee.

The neighbors have been telling us how happy they are that we are taking proper care of the yard, as the previous owner was quite sick and neglected it for the previous two years. I'm wondering if they think we're actually taking good care of it, or just good care of it in comparison to the previous neglect.

In the process of running the weedwacker around the yard over the past two weekends (it took us two weekend to get enough time to make it all the way around given all the other stuff we've been working on), we managed to run it completely out of gas. Twice. I believe in the 4 years I owned it in San Schmose, I used a total of 3 gallons of gas and had to fill up its pint-sized tank about once every 4 months.

Our six new fishies are doing great in the back pond. Two of them are named "Spotty", since they're spotted goldfish and look kind of alike. Then there's a gold fancy-tail goldfish named "Fancy". There's a white catfish named "Eddo". And I don't remember the names of the white goldfish or the black catfish. They all look so itty-bitty in the big pond, but I am assured that they'll grow to be 1-2 feet long assuming nothing eats them before that.

I got a haircut today. Joy.

That's about it. I'm sorry for the low-quality post. I promise to do better at some unspecified point in the future.


Rhonda said...

we have two fish in a tank.
One's name is fishy fishy he's got bulging eyes...the other is; it.

I bet the neighbors are thrilled! That's just a given.

So will Janesville show up?
who's the madisonite?

CherkyB said...

You never show up as Janesville because your ISP is not located in Janesville. You show up as whatever city your IP address is registered in, which for you is Madison according to Neoworx and Google Analytics, and as Plano, TX according to statcounter.

I don't pretend to understand why statcounter thinks it's Plano. The name it gives for the ISP is "Pppox Pool - Rback2.mdsnwi", which would imply Madison, WI.

Manly Lesbian said...

Plano Texas could be mine- if you thinks about where I works and how big the computer network is there !!!! My business has a large facility at Plano known as the helpless desk. Also Somers New York and a thousand other areas.....

CherkyB said...

Yes, but where you work is logged as [your_company_name].com, not mdsnwi.

Nava said...

Piano, Texas seems to cover several IPs.
One of those is Rhonda (which is very weird), another is a friend who lives in San Jose - not quite sure I understand it, but these are the facts I have extracted during a thorough (well...) research I did a while ago.
Then, I decided it's time to get a life. There was a good deal for that on eBay.

blogauthor said...

Very cool counter thingy. But now my location is completely obvious (as if it weren't already!).

Our yard was horrific when we moved in about a year and a half ago, and despite having a "high level can't move a damned thing but my head" husband, and being a "I don't do lawns" kind of woman, our yard is spectacular now. All thanks to the best lawn guy on earth.

Offspring loves fish and is pestering me to get some. I already have enough dependent beings in this household, so I shall send him off to visit your fish some day.