Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CherkyB, Father of the Year

Last night, I managed to get HannahC all ready for bed, and tucked away into the bed in the guest room (she likes to sleep there cuz FreddyC will often jump up on the bed and sleep there, too, whereas he can't make it up into her loft bed in her bedroom). I turned off the light, walked out of the room, and she yelled, "It's dark!"

I walked back in and said, "Duh. It's night time, and the lights are turned off. It's dark every night. Now go to sleep."

She said, "Oh. OK."

Then I walked out of the room again, and she yelled, "Tell me a story!"

I walked back in, sat on the bed, and said, "I don't know any short stories."

"Tell me about the boy who cried wolf."

"Ugh. That story takes forever. How about I go look on these bookshelves outside the room and read you something short I find there?"


Turn on the light, start rooting through the bookshelves. These are mostly reference books and biographies and such. All very long. But down on the bottom shelf, I find a pile of some periodical literature. I grab the top thing on the stack, nod approvingly, and lie down on the bed to read her a story.

"This story is called, 'The Santa Claus Caper', by David Sipos. I guess it's a Christmas story."

I had to change a few of the words, and define a lot of stuff for her, but she really enjoyed the story and went right to sleep afterwards. You can find the story online here. It's really quite touching.


ellie said...

so your voice is back? maybe next time you could ask hannie to read you a story!

Manly Lesbian said...

Nice Story!

blogauthor said...

How come I wrote mother of the year on my blog, came here 10 minutes later and found father of the year on yours. Hmmmmm. Maybe we are the same blogger after all, I've long had my suspicions.

CherkyB said...

Maybe you're secretly a copier.