Saturday, September 22, 2007

Everybody is sick

In this case, I mean it in the literal sense. I'll reuse the headline when Hillary becomes the next president.

It started with MaxieC about last Sunday. Then The Mrs. got sick Monday. I got hit on Tuesday, and HannahC hung on until Thursday night. Luckily, the first day isn't so bad, so she was still able to compete in her first gymnastics "lollipop" meet Friday evening.

She came in first in the vault and second on the floor. I think she was roughly second on the beam, but only mid-pack on the uneven bars. They don't keep score at lollipop meets, so I don't know who won overall.

We all have bad colds. Remarkably tenacious, bad colds. Just-when-you-think-you're-better, you're-worse colds.

I think I'm a lot better today than yesterday. Mostly, I spent the day flat on my back on the sofa in the basement. The Childrens and The Mrs. were with me on and off, watching TV and fighting.

I managed to mortar in the 17 feet of stones from the edging project. Both MaxieC and HannahC helped, but thankfully not at the same time. I'll bash my mower deck into them tomorrow to see how they hold up.

The Mrs. seems to be getting worse. She normally prides herself on me being the sickly one, so this is unusual. She refuses to take the mega-doses of Vitamin C that I am taking. It turns out mega-doses of Vitamin C make certain things burn at certain times, which is not at all pleasant.

We're heading to bed early.



Hope everybody better soon

ellie said...

you guys get sick a lot. maybe kids just get sick a lot

Rhonda said...

"WHEN hilary becomes President"?!!!
What is that?
When nothing!
now I'm not feeling so good.

Rhonda said...

hope you all feel better.