Monday, September 17, 2007

Pets and more pets

I'm losing track.

Let's see. There's the doggie, FreddyC. And the rat, JackieO. After, that it starts to get fuzzy.

We have three black swallowtail chrysalises named Katie, Alex, and Alex.

And we have a new tent caterpillar named Joseph.

And a new grasshopper named Wilbur, though he was at first named William.

And there are the roughly 50 crickets that don't have names.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the frog eggs that go in the frog habitat that HannahC got from GrammaC on GrammaC's birthday. Those of you with grandchildren will understand that.

As the baby crickets grew, we realized that the little 2.5 gal fish tank in which the crickets were kept was getting overcrowded. So I spent some time on Craigslist this weekend locating a cheap, used, 10 gallon setup. Fish tanks are plentiful on the used market, as people pretty quickly realize that fish really, really, really suck as pets, but not until after they've bought a whole setup.

I think grasshopper suck more as pets than do fish, though, as their propensity to jump about 6 feet the instant you open up the lid to feed them makes routine maintenance very challenging.

Wilbur got merged in with the crickets in the 10 gallon tank so he wouldn't be lonely. He spends most of his time upside down on the lid, waiting for his chance.

There's going to be another OJ Simpson trial. Doesn't that kick ass?


wife said...

I think Joseph might be dead, but don't say anything. I can't deal with the beating of chest and gnashing of teeth tonight.

wife said...

Don't forget the ladybugs and pill bugs in the kitchen and the spider in the family room.

Nava said...

Wilbur - now that's a fine name!

We have a huge spider hanging out the den window for a couple of days now, waving to me every time I sit at the desk. I think it's time to name him.

Manly Lesbian said...

I hope they throw the book at OJ this time - the lying useless scum of the earth SOB!

wife said...

Joseph lives! I just saw him and gave him fresh leaves. I can hear him minching.

wife said...

One of the chrysalises (don't ask me which one) has turned very dark - actually it's becoming transparent. You can see the wings through it. It won't be long!