Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Pictures

Manly Lesbian has been hinting about wanting to see some more pictures, as my writing tends to be a bit wordy and my audience is easily befuddled by lengthy prose. I always forget that blogs are read mainly by people for whom television is too complicated...

Here are a couple deck pictures. The is the western view. You can see the fancy platform-rocker loveseat with matching table in The Grotto under the pergola. For what that stuff cost, you could buy three copies of The JohnnyB's car. I left the stair lights on in the photo, but they're hard to see on account of this big ball of fire that's in the sky this morning, though it thinks I don't know it's there because it's hiding behind clouds.

That lamp hanging on the wall near the hot tub is the one I fixed in this post.

The Childrens decided that The Grotto was just the bestest damn place in the world to make mud sculptures.

Here's the eastern view:

A shot of the side to show how the builders put redwood cladding all across it to keep the doggies out and to make it look much more attractive. There's an access hatch in there towards the left so I can get to all the electrical junction boxes.

This here is a picture of the concrete rock underlayment project I discussed here. (You guys do follow the weather blog, too, right?)


ellie said...

what a difference! that looks great!

ellie said...

tell granny to get her own blog!

Manly Lesbian said...

Looks Boo-tiful! Tanks for the pics..

Rhonda said...

The deck looks wonderful!

JohnnyB said...

Great looking deck, CherkyB!