Monday, September 24, 2007

You'll be happy to know

I've now almost completely lost my voice. It was very quiet today, as I was unable to yell at The Childrens nor at anyone at work. I tried to express myself in a Clint Eastwood hoarse snarl, but that works a hell of a lot better when backed up by a big-ass .44 magnum.

And I don't have anything bigger than .40 S&W.

Plus the people I have to yell at are mostly in Smashachusetts, so it's really hard to go all Dirty Harry over the phone. They just keep saying, "What? Can you speak up? It's hard to understand you."

My internet connection seems to be a bit weak tonight. That happens on and off.

I'm averaging about six hits a day to my snowblower review now. Fall is really upon us. I googled it, and I noticed that the blurb it was displaying (which was most of the first sentence of the post) didn't say a damned thing. So I added a new sentence up front to better summarize the post. Those of you reading on RSS feeds will see that the article will appear as new, but that's the only change. Feel free to mark it as read.

The tadpoles arrived today. So now we have two tadpole pets. All the butterflies emerged last week and were set free, so I guess we're still down one pet.

Though we have a second grasshopper now. I'm not sure if that counts. HannahC has declared that the crickets are not pets, as she raises them as feeder livestock. I think the grasshoppers are special given that she named one of them.

If they have a name, they're a pet.


Nava said...

No voice, weak Internet connection - must be excruciating!

ellie said...

do you have a cough? a couple coworkers of mine seem to have the same thing. i hope i don't catch it.

manly lesbian said...

What are the names of tadpoles -- Tad and Pole? Sux when you have larangytis

ellie said...

is your finger broken too?