Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It is fixed!

"What?" you ask, mouth hanging slightly open at the end of the question, "What is fixed?"

Well, not my colon. That is still suffering some of the lingering effects of The Illness I had yesterday, though happily all the chills and aches are gone today.

I've been on a bit of a fix-it tear this week. That often happens when I take vacation. I have fixed countless things over the past few days, but my grand triumph of the moment is that I replaced the GFCI outlet that powers the bar, and now it doesn't trip when I run the bar dishwasher. Oh, it was very exciting. I got to use the little gizmodo that plugs into the outlet and then I point the magic wand thingee at the circuit breakers and it beeps when I'm pointing to the one that powers the circuit I plugged it into. It identified one of the unlabeled breakers, and it was the right one.

The marvels of science.

Now, that circuit is labeled.

I also fixed the ear piece for my bluetooth headset that I had broken, I kid you not, while emphatically slamming my fist down on the center console of the truck while screaming at The Childrens to stop fighting with each other in the back seat. I'm not sure exactly why the bluetooth headset was involved in the discussion. It was a while back. I used the magic epoxy clay to fix this. I had tried any number of varieties of cyanoacrylate adhesives to no effect. This time, I used the Dremel tool and a thin cutting bit to trench the earpiece down the center, then I filled it with epoxy clay and also wrapped the outside in a thin layer. After drying, I shaped it with a grinding bit on the Dremel. I'm happy I didn't have to buy a new headset.

I also fixed a picture frame, a ceramic Christmas tree ornament, the little robot yapping dog, the electric connectors for the train track, hung up the CD racks, hung up the hanging toy sock jobber, and countless other things I don't even remember. I am The Man.

I've been pondering writing a digital camera buying guide, but the reality of it is that there are only two cameras you should consider, and the Canon SD850IS is by far the superior of the two if you don't insist on having something that uses standard AA batteries so you can travel and forget the charger.

I'm getting, literally, about 80 hits a day to the snowblower post this week. That's great, cuz I have an add that pays 1 cent ever 20 page views. So I'm making 4 cents a day! The guide to carpet cleaners isn't doing nearly as well.


Manly Lesbian said...

How come you always get sick on yer vacation? Feels good to fix all that stuff doesn't it. I love days like that - unfortunately I don't get many. I fixed my favorite wooden cutting board - it split right down the middle. Good old Weld-Bond and a clamp fixed that right up.

Rhonda said...

You bring new meaning to
Mr. Fix-it.

Could you please ask the wife of cherkyb to please start her own blog.
Also, not to worry we'd still come visit yours.

CherkyB said...

You can thank MaxieC for The Mrs. not having a blog. Right around Thanksgiving, we were signing her up (themrs.blogspot.com is already taken, though not used), when MaxieC woke up and started crying for his momma. When she returned, she had decided she didn't have time for a blog.

We already have great plans for a modern version of that Saturday Night Live Weekend Update segment "Point-Counterpoint".

Or maybe it was When Animals Attack.