Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That is what it is like in that space of time between when you've cleaned the house and when the dinner guests arrive. Especially if you have an almost-four-year-old boy who, like all of his ilk, sees a clear floor as a clean palette on which to create his next work of art by dumping out buckets full of toys and spreading them thickly.

As a child, I think between my brother and me, we had maybe three buckets of toys. My childrens have about three in every room of the house. My childrens are spoiled.

I measured up the kitchen cabinet lights for replacement today. Then I remembered I couldn't start anything because we were having dinner guests. Perhaps tomorrow.


Manly Lesbian said...

Don't complain - you are having prime rib and yorkshires- yummy. I havent had that in ages- should make me some one of these days.

Rhonda said...

ahhh don't worry about the toys being all over...most people know that means you have happy children in a "lived in house"