Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Like Father, Like MaxieC

I came downstairs this morning and discovered that MaxieC had found a new storage place for his axe.

This scene so inspired me that I felt compelled to practice this evening. Like all practice sessions, though, MaxieC immediately appeared, gave me the thumbs-up, and then proceeded to wildly strum the guitar I was trying to playing. He also managed to knock one string way out of tune with the whammy bar. I guess the locking nut wasn't cranked down enough. You really gotta keep your eye on those nuts when you play with the whammy bar.

It's like prom night all over, as they say.

I tried to teach him classic Van Halen tapping technique (because, really, only a 4-year-old would be impressed with how well I can pull this off), but he became engrossed in the variety of colors of picks I had in the pick box and had to try them all out instead. And then it eventually degenerated into him pounding on the strings and singing "Down the draaaaain...Somebody get me a doctor" which is all he knows of the song.

Really, it's times like this that I wonder how anyone could ever possibly get any work done if they work from home and have childrens. Maybe if your work is like super-super boring and doesn't involve overdriven amplification, flangers, or whammy bars. Like, I dunno, binsplit estimation or pharmaceutical research or something like that.

And not the kind of "pharmaceutical research" you all did in college.

Poor HannahC had quite a day. Yesterday she was over at a friend's house, and she got something in her eye. When I picked her up, the mom said it was either bug spray or something from this plant, which she then handed me a sprig of. She said, "take this with you just in case you have to rush her to the doctor or something."

I chuckled cuz she looked fine.

About 11pm, her face started to turn red and swell. The Mrs. covered it with Benedryl cream and sent her to bed. This morning, it was worse, and the skin was even blistered in spots. So off they rush to the doctor, sprig of weed in hand.

And not the kind of weed you "researched" in college.

The diagnosis is euphorbia burns. I love this line:
In experiments with animals it was found that the terpen ester resiniferatoxin had an irritating effect 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than capsaicin, the "hot" substance found in chillies.
Capsaicin - you know, the stuff they make pepper spray out of to drop hardened criminals. And for whatever reason, she rubbed this stuff all over her damned face, in her eyes, and up her nose.

She's feeling much better now, though, with the medication.

I miss my medication.


fat moother said...

Poor Hannah

Anonymous said...

CherkyB farts like moldy feet-stank.. service!