Monday, June 02, 2008

Funky CherkyB

I am in a funk. Why?

Well, let me see:
  1. The DirecTV dish has decided to have slowly degrading signal strength over the last six months. It started with just one receiver losing signal, but now all three are frequently unwatchable. They were supposed to give me a brand new dish when I moved in as part of the moving package, but the installer said, "That dish is the same one I'd install, so let's just use it."
  2. The new oven cost over $2000.
  3. One of our 16" floor tiles began rocking back and forth in the kitchen. Now all the grout is out. It looks like the floor is sinking. The tile only covers about 800 sq ft, so if I have to retile, that'll only be maybe 12 grand. If I have to restructure the support beam in the basement that is right under this spot, well, I imagine that'll be more.
  4. Carl, Jr. is a better fisherman than I am.
  5. The DVD remote in the basement was lost (though HannahC just moments ago remembered where she hid it and "discovered" it without admitting any guilt). It was stuck up the arm of the couch between the wood and the cushion.
  6. I had checked there three times already.
  7. TomTom, in their infinite fucking wisdom, pushed out a firmware revision to everyone three weeks ago that causes your GPS to hang if you ask it to navigate to either a "point of interest" (eg., store, restaurant, gas station, airport) or to an intersection. So unless you know the address of where you are going, you can't get there with the GPS. They are "aware of the problem but do not have a timeframe for the fix" according to an online help forum. One of the users in the forum has posted a way to downgrade to the previous firmware, but I'm so far afraid to try it as it comes with a README that says, if something goes wrong, you may render your GPS useless.
  8. Not that it isn't pretty fucking useless already.
  9. I hate Mexican food. Really hate it. I can choke it down if I need to, but in general I try to avoid it.
  10. I decided to dig out my Harmony universal remote control. I got it for, I think, Fathers' Day last year, but didn't have time to tackle it. I got it out 20 minutes ago, and it is still farting around downloading revisions and making me create web accounts and the like.
  11. I don't like kids. Especially kids who feel the need to constantly be touching you, leaning on you, climbing on you, or need to spontaneously yell for no reason at all.
  12. Obama!


Anonymous said...

Your momma.

I love animals.

Hey, F*&ko, we like to call it inter-species erotica.

ellie said...

It's not babysitting when it is your own children! Easy enough for me to say.

blogauthor said...

Yo mama.

#11 - I am so there right now. I just want to be left. alone. for. one. minute!!!

Rhonda said...

you just made me laugh!
It's been a while.